Benjamin Shield, Ph.D.

Craniosacral Therapy Workshop

This workshop was created to introduce Craniosacral Therapy to the beginner and to refine skills of the more experienced practitioner.  The goal of the workshop is to give each participant the basic understanding and skills so that they may begin to use Craniosacral Therapy with confidence and results.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) can be beneficial for many conditions and for individuals of all ages. We will demonstrate how we can apply CST to help with conditions such as imbalances of the nervous system, accidents and physical trauma, hyperactivity, behavioral problems, headaches, and sensory disorders.

CST is a gentle non-invasive form of treatment in which the therapist aligns with the subtle rhythms of the client. Delicate touch allows the therapist to entrain and balance the Craniosacral system, bones, sutures and membranes. We will explore the effect CST has on brain function.
Craniosacral therapy involves the analytical and intuitive, the tangible and intangible, the ‘doing’ and ‘non-doing.’ Dr. Hugh Milne describes CST as a timeless gift, a channeling of healing energy, guided by the inner-eye, and delivered from the compassionate heart, through sensitive hands. It is the intersection of science, mindfulness and art.

We know that any therapy can take a lifetime to develop further skills in the field, and it is the goal of this workshop is to have each participant leave with important and immediately useful skills that will grow with time. It is meant to be a very enjoyable and practical class.

Benjamin has practiced Craniosacral Therapy for over 35 years and has taught throughout Europe and the United States, specializing in Pediatric Craniosacral therapy.