Benjamin Shield, Ph.D.

Spinal Mobilization
Two Day Workshop

I’ve thought of offering this workshop for some time now. It is a class that I would have liked to experience earlier in my career.
We will cover spinal mobilization inclusive of everything from the occiput/atlas, cervical, thoracic and lumbar subluxations, and the treatment of sacroiliac, sacrum, and coccyx disorders.

We will have one day focused on the mid-thoracics, lumbar spine, sacrum and coccyx and one day focusing on the cervical spine, upper thoracics and first two ribs.

My goal is to have participants have the confidence that if a client presents with a spinal subluxation or syndrome, the condition can be successfully evaluated and treated. There will be fine individuals in the class, with good hearts and hands.

The primary goal is that each participant will leave with the confidence of treating spinal subluxations from the cervical spine to the coccyx, understanding of the most common spinal conditions that clients will present with in your practice, and the skills and confidence of diminishing or eliminating your clients’ pain and dysfunction.

This may be a one-time only class with my intention of passing along everything that I have learned over my thirty-one years of study and practice.
This is meant to be a personalized mentoring class, not a class for beginners. It is my deepest wish that this class will significantly improve your clinical skills in evaluation and treatment, and improve the level of confidence in treating most clinical conditions involving spinal subluxation, pain and dysfunction, and to refine existing techniques and the quality of touch.