Benjamin Shield, Ph.D.

Temporal Mandibular Joint:
Manual Therapeutic Treatment

This class will explore the interrelationship of bodywork, Craniosacral Therapy, and manual therapy in successfully treating temporal mandibular joint dysfunction as well as a wide range of crucial dental conditions. Therapists hold a unique and essential role in the approach to these conditions.

Dental anatomy and function have a profound influence in the health of the individual. The manual therapist is in a unique position to treat the “root causes” of many conditions often overlooked by other specializations. This is a “hands-on” course that will teach the manual therapist how to effectively evaluate and treat numerous dental, cranial, and facial dysfunctions including:

TMJ dysfunctions
Mandibular whiplash
Cranial nerve disorders
Cranial injury and cranial distortion
Alleviation of toothache and related headache and facial pain
Post-procedural care

In addition, there will be discussion, evaluation and treatment of functional disorders such as sensory disturbances, headaches, neuralgias, endocrine dysfunction, and autonomic nervous system imbalances.

The focus of the course will be on recognizing disorders, treating specific conditions, alleviating pain, and prevention. The hands-on techniques presented will be easily incorporated in any therapist’s sessions.

The intention of this workshop is to focus art of manual therapy on the successful treatment of temporal mandibular joint dysfunction. Participants will learn how to recognize, evaluate, and treat common, yet often misunderstood, conditions. Most importantly, participants will gain an essential understanding of how to directly help their clients to get out and stay out of pain.

This course is about how we can help. There will be an accompanying workbook, which will include a condensation of the lectures, reference materials, and photographs, and illustrations.